My name is Fern Tilley and I’m a local beauty blogger and makeup artist.

I’m in the final of Miss. Black Country where if I win, I will be competing for Miss England. Part of being a finalist involves raising money for the Miss.World charity Beauty with a Purpose (more info here:  )

My fundraising link is here: 

I own a mobile beauty business Glam Me Up and have decided to use my makeup skills to transform myself into Queen Elizabeth for the day! Hopefully this shows I have a good sense of humour and don’t mind looking silly in the face of a good cause. I’m just finishing my Specalist hair and media makeup degree at University College Birmingham and I live in the Rainbow Hill area of Worcester.

I’m a beauty queen hopeful turning herself into the actual Queen! If I have to hide my looks to raise money for a good cause then every penny will be worth it.  I’ll be borrowing my little sister’s tiara and will spend the entire day as her Majesty. So if the postman rings the doorbell or when I need a pint of milk, I’ll be doing the royal wave to all my subjects. I have massive respect for the Queen and think she’s doing a good job of running the country considering all the responsibilities she has.

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