The Hospices Lottery, jointly owned by St Richard’s Hospice and Acorns Children’s Hospice, will join forces with Primrose Hospices Lottery to offer supporters a more streamlined service.

On Wednesday 1st April the South Worcestershire Hospices Lottery, which has raised over £1.8million over the last 15 years in aid of St Richard’s and Acorns, will merge with Primrose Hospices Lottery of Bromsgrove, to become the Worcestershire Hospices Lottery. The merger will offer the three hospices cost savings in the running of the lottery so that more of the ticket price will be available to help the hospices care for patients and their loved ones.

The combined lottery scheme, which will still be known as ‘The Hospices Lottery’, offers local people the opportunity to support all three hospices based in Worcestershire. The prize funds for the Lottery have been increased from £1300 per week to £1700 per week to reflect the extended membership of the combined scheme.

Dawn Scott, Lottery Manager, said; “We were keen that this merger would not have any impact on how members play and pay for the lottery. Due to the saving in administration costs resulting from this merger, each of the three hospices will receive increased donations. We felt that, in this economic climate it made sense to pool our resources and keep our costs down, so more of the profit can go where it is needed.”

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