The hospitality trade was one of the business sectors that suffered the most damage due to Covid-19 lockdowns. Even after lockdown, many were forced to adapt their premises at great cost and limit the number of customers they could serve.

Stuart Allen, the organiser of The Worcestershire Social Media Awards has therefore decided to dedicate a whole series of awards for the hospitality trade. He explained; “In the past, we would have included hospitality businesses within the general business categories, so they would have competed with lots of other business sectors. For 2022, I have decided to create awards that can only be entered by Worcestershire hospitality businesses and hope that the publicity will give them a much-needed boost.”

The award categories specific to the hospitality trade are: Best use of Twitter, Best use of Facebook, Best use of Instagram, Best use of LinkedIn and Best Use of YouTube. Hospitality businesses can be nominated by customers, or they can self-nominate. There are no fees to nominate or take part in the awards.

The nomination form is available online at



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