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What’s it all about?

Welcome to the website of #WorcestershireHour the weekly news and networking event for the Worcestershire area. Use #WorcestershireHour in your tweets 8-9pm on Monday Evenings and 12-1pm on Wednesday afternoons.

Launched on 6th May 2013 #WorcestershireHour has rapidly grown an active Twitter following of over 19,000 local accounts. The #WorcestershireHour twice weekly event brings together local businesses, charities and the communities of Worcestershire.

#WorcestershireHour is run by Worcestershire Enterprise Limited, a social enterprise business with the aim of supporting the local economy, and is supported by a group of local sponsors and partners.

#WorcestershireHour was founded and is managed by Worcester based businessman Stuart Allen who runs The Sales Performance Company Ltd. Stuart has been using Twitter to promote his own business for the past five years and has in excess of 78,000 Twitter followers.

“Twitter is a great platform to send out messages BUT you never know who is watching at any given time! By concentrating a ‘local’ Twitter event into a regular one hour time slot, you can be absolutely sure that your messages WILL be seen by local people.” Stuart Allen

Ready To Join In?

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About FREE Web Listings:

Q) How do I get a FREE Web Listing on WorcestershireHour.co.uk?

A) Worcestershire based businesses can get a FREE listing by emailing their details e.g. logo, a description and contact details to aaron@worcestershirehour.co.uk.

Q) Where can the Web Listing be found?

A) The Web Listings can be found under the Directory on WorcestershireHour.co.uk.

About #WorcestershireHour:

Q) What is #WorcestershireHour?

A) #WorcestershireHour is a twice weekly time slot on Twitter (8-9pm every Monday & 12-1pm every Wednesday) where Worcester/Worcestershire based businesses, organisations and the public can network together, grow their follower base and promote services and special offers.

Q) Why do we need a #WorcestershireHour?

A) Twitter is a brilliant social media business tool but it works best (for local needs) when people all use it at the same time. #WorcestershireHour will provide a weekly focus and concentration on Worcestershire between 8-9pm each Monday and 12-1pm each Wednesday. Other areas of the UK already have established “Hours” for example if you want to network further afield you can join #MidlandsHour every Wednesday (8-9pm).

Q) Who runs #WorcestershireHour?

A) #WorcestershireHour has been founded by Worcester based businessman Stuart Allen who runs The Sales Performance Company Ltd. Stuart can be found on Twitter as @StuartAllenFCMI Stuart has been using Twitter for over four years and has a following of over 71,800 people & businesses.

@WorcesterHour on Twitter:

Stuart has set up a Twitter account to “manage” #WorcestershireHour called @WorcesterHour so please make sure you follow this account to be kept up to date of important announcements. @WorcesterHour will aim to retweet (RT) ALL LOCAL tweets with the #WorcestershireHour during each event. If any are missed we will RT them shortly after the hour or on the next day.

In just its second week @WorcesterHour grew to 400 followers and a total of 1,326 #WorcestershireHour tweets went out to an audience of 162,000 people!

Q) New to Twitter and not sure what to do or tweet?

A) The best thing to do is ASK! In my experience people are always willing to help when people are just getting started. Like all things “social media”, you get out what YOU put in and it will take a little while for you to feel at home. If you are a business avoid “just advertising” and use lots of photos, Twitter people love photos!

Stuart is running Twitter for Business Training Courses for to help Businesses and Charities get the most out of twitter. Click Here for more info.

Any other questions? Send them to @WorcesterHour on Twitter and we will answer & share. Alternatively contact us by email aaron@worcestershirehour.co.uk

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