Dolly’s Sweet Shop –  My Story

“I remember, very clearly, the first ever #worcesteshirehour.  I was thinking, “hmmm how does this work then?”.  I soon got the hang of it and so did everyone else.  Connections are made, ideas exchanged, a directory is formed and there is much to be learned. It is quite a community now.

It is to that community that I am telling my story to.

In September 2012 Dolly’s Sweet Shop was opened.  I have learned a great deal from when we opened on day one with no electricity (apart from an extension lead supplied by Sarah Grout our fairy godmother at Malvern Party and Balloons) we didn’t think we needed anything in the windows (oh how we laugh now) and there wasn’t an American sweet to be found.

We listened to our customers and that is how we developed the shop.  We added a Sugar-free selection, USA candy, drinks, Dutch Salted Liquorice(one of our top sellers) added shelving and plenty of jars in the window for a reason to stop and look and feel nostalgic.


In the summer we sell Bennett’s Ice cream, the flavours are amazing and the customers love it.

We have some amazing customers, that have so many imaginative uses for our sweets, from gingerbread houses, cake decorations, vodka flavours and sweet tables at weddings.

So, after three years have we learned it all?  No, not by a long way.  My small babies that used to sleep in the shop while I worked are now far too dangerous to my profits to have in the shop and I am committed to looking after them until they are in school .  My husband now runs another local business and there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

So I have decided to sell the shop.

I spoke to Stuart Allen because I wanted to know if there was a social media way to advertise your business directly to local, like minded people that might be interested.  Stuart reminded me of how big the #worcestershirehour community is and suggested I write my story for the website.

So there you have it, my beautiful sweet shop, one of a kind in Great Malvern.  Please get in touch if you would like some information.”

For more information contact [email protected]

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