People from throughout the local area are being urged to take part in an out of this world effort to take the region to the moon and back this summer.

The University of Worcester is spearheading a  ‘Moon Mission’, which will involve members of the local community walking, pushing, running, pedalling, swimming, toddling, rowing, wheeling – in fact, taking part in just about any physical activity – to enable the community to collectively travel the distance to the moon and back (477,714 miles).

The initiative has been developed following the successful achievement of members of the University community in going ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ last year.

The Moon Mission is designed to encourage everyone to be more physically active, and seeks to engage children and adults from schools, colleges, community groups and clubs as well as individuals in the community who are less active or are not involved in community activities.

From today (January 26) people can register their interest to take part in the Mission, which will take-off on Friday, March 20th to coincide with the Spring Equinox and a partial solar eclipse. People will then have until July 31 – the last full moon of the month – to log their miles.

Louise Jones, Director of Health and Wellbeing at the University, said: “We are hoping to get individuals, sports clubs, community groups, businesses, in fact everyone, involved in this mission to take the Region to the moon and back. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get out and try something new, or just to get active in this New Year. We are really hoping as many people as possible will get involved.”

People will be able to log on to the website – – and log their miles. The website will give a rolling status of each individual’s miles, as well as the overall total. People can also share their individual stories about how they are contributing to the Mission.

“We want to hear about the many ways people are getting active to help us reach this target of 477,714 miles, and we will be giving some incentives along the way,” said Mrs Jones.

To find out more about the Mission, or to sign up to take part, visit the Moon Mission pages.

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