The family law team at SME Solicitors in Sansome Walk, Worcester is welcoming long awaited changes in divorce law which will remove ‘the blame game’ from the divorce process.

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill comes into force in April 2022 and should reduce conflict and allow the parties to focus on the important issues of children, property and finances.

Denise McCabe, a family lawyer at SME Solicitors says: “The changes will mean that a divorce cannot be contested, and parting couples do not have to give reasons for the breakdown of the marriage.  They mean that a spouse can start divorce proceedings based solely on the conclusion that their marriage has ‘irretrievably broken down,’ as opposed to having to rely on the fact that a spouse has committed adultery or acted unreasonably or live separate and apart from each other for several years.  Although the process of ending a marriage will be simplified, the law relating to financial matters remains the same and often causes parting couples anxiety and stress.   It can be a minefield. At SME our family team will always endeavour to help clients to negotiate agreements without the expense of court proceedings, but we will advise you as when the courts intervention is required which is necessary when one party is being uncooperative and causing delays.”

The SME Solicitors’ family team is happy to offer a complimentary telephone appointment up to thirty minutes or face to face appointment (subject to Covid social distancing rules) to help those considering divorce to make informed decisions as to how to  proceed. Please contact Denise McCabe at SME on 01905 723561 or [email protected]


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