Not many would presume that the result of a candid conversation back in the eighties (and little money to spare), would blossom into one of the most desirable graphic and design agencies in the Midlands. Now in its thirty-fourth year, Artwork Creative has built a reputation for continuing to serve its longstanding clients; and rising above any challenge, in the most ethical and professional manner.

Founder, Dawn Harford has nurtured Artwork Creative since its inception. Most recently, following a strategic commercial deal, she has entrusted Cas Majid, CEO of Wow Group of Companies, to continue her legacy. Both parties truly believe that Artwork Creative’s deeply-seated values will not only remain intact, but further flourish, as a result of this business acquisition.

This well-thought through decision comes with Dawn’s plans to embrace a fresh business challenge. In 1986 Dawn set-up Artwork Creative in the Malvern Hills with her then husband but, in 1998, the businesswoman faced a personal decision of closing or continuing the business on her own.  She bravely jumped into the opportunity of continuing whilst juggling the duties of single parenthood and other work.

Over the last three decades, Artwork Creative has designed for the likes of Tyrrell’s Crisps, Chase Vodka,Schweppes, Coca-Cola, Oil companies and a vast number of other smaller companies.  From its infancy the agency has transitioned from using traditional drawing boards to the latest technology in providing graphic design and a whole host of associated services.

However, as the creative arts landscape continues to evolve, as do the ever-increasing needs from the market, this acquisition from Wow Group could not have come at a more befitting time. The group’s companies include four other agencies, that specialise in digital, content, further design, and IT services – of which Artwork Creative’s clients can now reap the rewards of, as well.

A reflective Dawn considers this an exciting “step in the right direction” for Artwork Creative’s clients, and the business at large; and says, “I have enjoyed looking after our clients for whom we have provided a full range of design services. Many of these people have become good friends. I’m certain that the care and professionalism that they have enjoyed from us over the last thirty-four years will be carried forward under Cas’s leadership; along with his international team of digital marketing experts”.

Cas Majid who has already seen phenomenal success in acquiring agencies in the past, is keen to elevate Artwork Creative’s existing services. With his growing team of industry veterans, Artwork Creative’s valued clients will benefit from the unhinged creative talent that they’re accustomed to; and now, with the addition of the best of digital technology and expertise.

The highly-esteemed entrepreneur comments, “We understand the amount of care and dedication that has gone into building Artwork Creative by Dawn; and so, this acquisition is exceptionally close to my heart. Many people know that I’m a value-lead businessman; and this is what initially drew me to this design agency – as well as its fantastic service offering. This acquisition in itself is a golden opportunity for Artwork Creative’s existing and future clients; which we plan on delivering upon, relentlessly. Our unrivalled digital expertise will add to Artwork Creative’s design services incredibly well; and I cannot wait to lead its growth, even further”.

After getting involved in other business ventures in the beauty industry, supporting local charitable initiatives and successfully setting-up and running a local Malvern Twitter Hour, Dawn is now considering a future in the antiques and vintage market, and looks forward to spending more time with her daughter. For her, the future is full of new possibilities.

Now that Artwork Creative has officially become a proud part of Wow Group of Companies, existing (and future) clients can rest assured that they will benefit from the best creative design, graphic design, and digital expertise, under Cas Majid’s leadership. The agency has already undertaken large-scale projects in recent weeks, and has plans for expanding, exponentially, in the very near future.

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