Unity SU is a new student and university dedicated social media platform that aggregates the best components from a wide range of successful social media solutions into one, proprietary, powerful offering, and then adds more.

At Unity SU, we believe that ‘education shouldn’t be a debt sentence’. Unity is free of charge to download and use, and it always will be.

For students, Unity SU will become a trusted friend, a companion and a guide throughout university life. Unity SU will help students make good financial decisions, plan their lectures and revision sessions, find a place to live, and them keep them up to date with what they find important; friends, family, course work, and eventually help them get that first job. No, not crazy, just a little common sense.

You see we have been working on Unity SU for ages, years in fact. We listened to hundreds of Students and asked, ‘what is it that you want, really want, to help you make University life more enjoyable?’ So they told us.

In short, they said, ‘take the best parts from all the apps we use, and put them into one. And oh yeah, take out the bits we don’t like; subscription fees, sales commissions, and we don’t like people getting away with repeatedly bad or expensive service’.

They wanted a chance to get a voice, and that they are fed up with being ignored. So now, they have a voice, and a loud one at that.

They said they like helping each other, sharing good experiences, and help others avoid bad ones.

They wanted to be a community, so we did EVERYTHING they asked for, and made a University Community, or Unity.

We’re here to help integrate the local community with students; provide them with local products, services, jobs, events, places to go, people to meet. We want to give them the best possible life experience. We’ve got the platform, we’ve got the students, lets’ re-build a community that was lost.

Then together, we break the mould, ‘We pay STUDENTS for using Unity SU’. Yep, 70% of the money made through advertising is shared with them.

Students are very valuable to most companies across every industry. During this time a student starts to become loyal to brands, bank with them, eat and drink at their outlets, wear their clothes and shoes, buy their sports equipment, use their phones, run those phones on their networks and well, you get the idea. Students are the future returning custom for every company there is and they want students to choose them and no-one else, early on, so they can retain a student for life. Local businesses advertise with us, the students get paid, and in turn, businesses engage with a prime target.

It’s a circle; a circle that once faded away but is back. We use the rest to make the app better, creating and adding in the features they’ve asked for. Even better, Unity SU is free of charge to download and use, and always will be.

You see, together we have to start somewhere. This is it. The more events, the more feedback, the more products for sale, the more news announced, the more rewarding it will be. We’ve provided students the keys to a supercar, now it’s time to start the engine and make it happen.

And for students it’s all free, no strings attached, no joke, no ifs, no buts. Just like they said; no subscriptions, no commissions, nothing. Ever. Finish. Full stop. And that’s one heck of a promise.

Unity SU, at last something that makes sense; ‘education shouldn’t be a debt sentence’.

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