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We need your help & support!

#WorcestershireHour™️ has always been free to use for 99.9% of users thanks to a small number of brilliant businesses that support us commercially. Sponsorship revenue on its own however, does not cover all our costs.

We operate a 7 days per week, 365 (356 this year) day a year service for the benefit of all Worcestershire businesses, charities & communities that wish to get involved.

The income we raise through the Worcestershire Festival of Business each year is usually the difference between us breaking even or not. Given the current Government guidelines banning business exhibitions, it may not be possible for us to run the event this year. We are still hoping to do so but the situation is beyond our control. We therefore need to raise additional income streams to allow us to continue the work that we do.

If your Social Media Marketing/Management business uses #WorcestershireHour in your own or client messages, or if you participate in our live Twitter hours on behalf of client accounts, we are now asking you to make a small contribution to the costs of running #WorcestershireHour.

For a small fee of just £10 (up to 5 clients), £20 (up to 10 clients), or £30 (unlimited) paid monthly, you can become an “Approved #WorcestershireHour Social Media Business”. You will be listed on our website and we believe this could help you attract even more clients. We would also draw your attention to our Transparency Standards and Twitter’s own rules.

We do hope you will feel able to support us in this small way and if you have any questions and concerns do contact me directly. If your business has been financially affected by the pandemic and you simply can’t afford to contribute, that is fine too.

To be absolutely clear this fee does not apply to any business (not involved in any form of social media marketing/management*) posting their own content & engaging with the #WorcestershireHour community directly.


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