187 (City of Worcester) Squadron Air Training Corps

01905 755005  Mon-Thurs 7pm – 9.30pm

187 (City of Worcester) Squadron Air Training Corps is a uniformed youth organisation aimed for 12-20 year olds with a passion for a military life style, it is definitely a valuable stepping stone for those looking for an Air Force or other military career also. 

We parade every Monday and Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9:30pm at our Squadron. During these sessions, as a cadet, you will participate in activies such as drill, modelling, initiative exercises, sports, music, classification and many other gripping tasks. 

The excitement really begins outside the squadron, where cadets can undergo high adrenaline events such as flying, gliding, shooting, para-gliding, Duke of Edinburgh awards, front row seats at air shows and access to all aircraft. We also take part in ceremonial parades, fieldcraft and plenty of fundraising events for honourable charities.

Air cadets isnt a hobby, it’s a change in life style- where are you this weekend? Recruiting now.


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