AJB Sports in Education

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AJB Sports in Education is a multi sports coaching company operating in Worcestershire. We deliver high quality national curriculum physical education lessons for schools, our Mental Health and Wellbeing program along with professional and fun Holiday Camps during the school holidays.

Why choose us? Because with AJB its more than sport.

Here at AJB Sports in Education we are constantly focusing on our slogan, “Don’t just play…”. We see sport as so much more than just a chance for children and adults to play, and increasingly as an opportunity to create, learn, lead, inspire and grow. These skills provide a template for our whole ethos and outlook as a company and sport provider. 

We want to help develop individuals who are creative on and off the sports field and are able to engage with others whilst understanding the subtleties of teamwork, cooperation and fair play. We focus on every aspect of your child’s physical and technical growth, mental health and wellbeing and we believe sport can be the vessel to teach all of this along with vitally important personal development. 

We whole heartedly believe that, if introduced and developed correctly, sport can be a lifelong passion that engages all aspects of an individuals character and helps us all to be the best version of ourselves.



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