Get Into Digital

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My name is Peter Baylis and my company is GetIntoDigital.Com. I am a sales lead generation consultant and I work with business owners who would like a regular flow of hot qualified inbound sales leads.

I offer clients a FREE no obligation marketing audit of their business to identify opportunity to generate inbound sales leads and improve business performance and bottom line through new digital technologies and strategies.

The way it works is that I undertake a free 1 day no-obligation consultancy session whereby I get to understand your marketing objectives, sales methods and business processes. I then provide you with a personalised company report outlining opportunities for you to improve business performance and inbound lead generation. In other words, new ways to do the old things better as your outsourced digital marketing partner!

This is a 1-day investment of my time in your business. Whilst the Audit process is a no obligation service, if my report makes good business sense then I will invite you to invest in a package of solutions to fit your objectives.

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