The King’s School Worcester

We have found that visitors to The King’s School often comment upon three features of the which are immediately apparent.

 Firstly, it is a place where adults and young people clearly enjoy each others’ company. Secondly, the site has a most attractive set of buildings grouped around areas of grass and trees, and most of the movement of pupils and teachers, therefore, takes place out of doors where there is space to stop and talk. Thirdly, there are no bells, except those of the Cathedral, to punctuate the day. Everyone is trusted to be a good time-keeper.

This calm and friendly atmosphere underpins a dynamic community of young people who lead busy and fulfilling lives, who relish the academic challenges and who make the most of an enriching menu of activities.

The Cathedral and Cathedral buildings play a large part in the lives of the pupils. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there are assemblies in the Cathedral for Years Seven and Eight and in College Hall for Years Nine and above. In these gatherings, we are reminded of the community spirit of the school and of our links to the Cathedral. In one of these assemblies each week, a school monitor (prefect) gives a short address to the school.

The life that each student experiences at King’s is a rich mix of academic studiessporting, cerebral and artistic activities, and a range of opportunities to interact with, and help, local communities, and charities. Our pastoral staff guide the students towards a healthy combination of these areas, always with the school’s aims in mind.

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