Lightsense UK Ltd


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LSUK is the future of commercial LED and industrial energy saving lighting solutions.

Founded on a sound international business background, LSUK (Lightsense UK Ltd) embraces the total concept of LED and Induction lighting systems. From in-house technological development to totally managed manufacture and commissioning, the company is at the forefront of this exciting new lighting phenomenon that is fast gaining acceptance in environmentally conscious business sectors everywhere.

Since its inception, Lightsense UK Ltd has been committed to continued investment in a wide range of premium LED and induction lighting products, both in the design and development process and in its own totally managed overseas manufacturing centre, to provide a level of unparalleled customer service and quality.

Lightsense UK Ltd now ranks as one of the foremost specialists in this field. Through successful development and evaluation trials with major corporate companies, the company has amassed an impressive portfolio of high-ranking business accounts across the UK. Many of the projects have involved the design and development of specific lighting requirements, often with close co-operation of client technicians.

The company continues in creating corporate opportunities across major blue chip sectors, with the high standards of quality assurance, continuity and availability that only a fully managed manufacturing facility can guarantee.

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