Offsite Servers Limited


Offsite Servers Limited is a cloud IT specialist. We can take any software program, system or data and make it accessible quickly and easily from the cloud from any tablet or PC.

Businesses and organisations want access to all their information from anywhere from any device. Individuals want a simple approach that just works. This is exactly what we do.

Our technology is scalable so it can grow with you and change shape to adapt to your needs as they change. All our services are available on a monthly fee with no capital costs.

Offsite Servers Limited is an ISO9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO27001 (Information Security Management System) registered business so we don’t just say we are good, we are externally and independently tested constantly. We have some amazing blue chip and celebrity testimonials to share.

Why not Offsite your Server and join a new way of looking at IT.

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