Sterling builds business communities where networking, support and collaboration help your business to grow.

Professional fortnightly networking meetings.
Quality referrals, collaboration, trust and mutual support are the key elements that makes Sterling the fastest growing networking group in the UK. Our members get together every two weeks, at breakfast or lunchtime to build long term profitable relationships and grow their business. We focus on building supportive business communites where members are genuinely interested helping each other to achieve their personal and business goals. With a proven meeting structure and professional faciliation, our group leaders make sure that members and visitors get the most out of every meeting. Whether you are attending a networking meeting for the first time or an experienced business developer you will receive a warm welcome and the support you need to help you to succeed.

Successful networking is not about clever words, pressing business cards into every possible hand or feeling pressured to provide referrals. It is about building long term trusted relationships with people who know you, understand your business and who can refer the right kind of business to you.
The only thing we ask our members to do is invest time in demonstrating genuine interest in each other’s business so that they understand who best to refer to their contacts.

What are the benefits?
Networking: Business development is just one of many benefits! We bring diverse professionals together for mutual benefit.

Introductions to potential new customers Build a wide network of business contacts Gain the help and support of fellow networkers…and benefit from their expertise Share your own knowledge and experience: “giving back”
Source partners and suppliers you can trust Discuss new ideas and emerging trends

We have 4 networking meetings in Worcester and our extended network reaches into Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. Current meetings are listed on our website.

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