RGS Worcester is holding its own Mock Elections this week, with six junior candidates campaigning for the votes of their peers on Wednesday. The Conservatives, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, the UK Independence Party will be represented and an Independent candidate will also be standing. The school is also taking the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for Amnesty International during this election week.

The pupils have written their own manifestos and have taken part in live debates giving their opinions on current issues, such as the distribution of wealth, immigration, the National Health Service and Climate Change. The campaign will climax in a final Q&A session before the votes are cast on 6 May.

Mrs Sharon Pickersgill, will be acting as an external “observer” for the Mock Election, to ensure a “free and fair” election. Mrs Pickersgill has 25 years’ experience working on every aspect of Electoral Administration and the Electoral processes and was Head of Electoral Services and acted as Deputy Returning Officer for Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council leading a team of 1500 through Local, Parliamentary and European Elections.

Mrs Kent, Head of Polictics said, “It is very important that our students start thinking about voting. Such an exciting opportunity will certainly get our young people ready for the General Elections of the future. We look forward to a colourful, hotly contested election in the RGS spirit of enthusiastic debate and sportsmanship.”

Beth Rabjohn, Year Nine, said, “This has been a great way to improve my knowledge of politics and learn about leadership.”

The six candidates in Years Seven to Ten, who have been working hard to nurture an enthusiasm for politics round campus are; Alec Berry, representing the Conservative party, Beth Rabjohn for the Green party, Anand Patel as the independent candidate, Romana Ali and Heloise Messervy-Whiting working to solicit votes for labour, Quinlan Hughes for UKIP, and finally Josh Warner representing the Liberal Democrats.

If you would like to know more about RGS Worcester please go to www.rgsw.org.uk or call 01905 613391.

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