“#WorcestershireHour is something I have been a part of since week 3 and I have felt the benefits of it for just as long. Social media is a very powerful tool in modern marketing practice, however, the problems can arise from business practise jarring with social media. By having these “hours” outside of the working day, the people tweeting tend to be a little more relaxed, and moreover a little more social. These “hours” therefore become a fantastic opportunity to meet and socialise with businesses in a way that can lead to business being conducted in a more natural and unhurried manner, oppose to the usual old and forced sales style many are used to.

The achievements and accomplishments of #WorcestershireHour are particularly impressive. The people who attend the events and partake in the “hours” are eager and engaged and I quite often witness deals being made and meetings being arranged for potential future business endeavours.

We have been exceptionally successful here at F8, having built relationships with Astons Coaches, Magic Whiteboard, Chores Cleaning, Gravity Credit Control and of course Stuart Allen himself, all through #WorcestershireHour either online or at one of their events.

In short, we would highly recommended #WorcestershireHour.”

Hamish Gill

Director, F8 Creates Ltd

“Having found #WorcestershireHour a year or so ago, I can honestly say it has been invaluable to me. Since finding the ‘hour’ I have found some amazing local companies and it is now my default place to source the things I need. I have found and used; guttering services, suit alterations, picture framing, gardening services and IT/Media support to name but a few.
Separate to that #WorcestershireHour has really opened my eyes as to how many good causes and charities there are in Worcestershire and, when  I can, it has been great to be able to support them on a local level.”
Peter Holt


“We get 12 to 15 good leads a week from Twitter and apart from recommendations it is by far our best source of new business.”

Darren Wilkins

City Signs

“We benefit so much from #WorcestershireHour in terms of support from businesses and individuals. Our volunteer numbers are through the roof and our service awareness is so much better since we went live on Twitter. We can’t imagine how we would do our community work without #WorcestershireHour”



“When Quack Creative (@QuackCreative) first hatched back in 2017, we stumbled upon #WorcestershireHour as a way of connecting with other local businesses and having a bit of fun along the way.
SB Print (@SBprint) was one of the first companies to welcome us and make a connection. Since then, we’ve entrusted a fair few print jobs with them and each have turned out to the satisfaction of both our clients and ourselves, with projects produced quickly and to an excellent standard.
Thank you #WorcestershireHour for all you do to connect local businesses.”
Nick Sturdy

Quack Creative

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