The floods in Worcester are getting worse. They have an impact on both our community, businesses and environment. Join us and attend our community consultation. Hosted in Worcester Porcelain Works Henry Sandon Hall on the 15th of December between 7.00 and 9.00pm.

In response to the recent COP 26 climate conference Worcester Environmental Group is running a lottery funded project to develop innovative new ways of educating and engaging the whole of Worcestershire with what we can all do to help counter Worcesters increasing flood problem. Worcester is a city suffering a climate crisis. Whilst the impact of climate change is increasingly noticeable everywhere, in Worcester it is disruptively apparent. Recognized as the fifth worst hit city by flooding in the UK in 2017 the regularity of floods hitting Worcester has noticeably increased since then.

However, we at Worcester Environment Group (WEG) see an opportunity in this crisis. WEG was formed in June 2020 from grassroots engagement by local people alongside ecological experts. One thing the floods have achieved is to showcase the importance of tackling the global climate crisis on a local scale to the residents of Worcester. What we need to do is enable people to feel empowered to do something about it!

Tackling Worcesters Floods has been developed as an alternative way for us as a community to respond to the current climate crisis, in a way feels engaging and interactive for the people of Worcester. Our collaboration with the local theatre company C&T is going to enable us to bring our voices to life by creating an interactive guide around the town for people to experience and engage with, in reference  to the climate crisis in in the world and specifically Worcester

Our first endeavor is to start a conversation about it, come be apart of this new project and have your voice heard. We choose not to be powerless. We want to take action, and we want to invite you to be part of it.


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