The Worcestershire Ambassadors group of business leaders has announced the appointment of retired police officer Kevin Powell as its new Vice Chair.

Kevin will work alongside Phil Dutton who is the current Chair of the Worcestershire Ambassadors before taking over the role of Chair on 1 September 2018. 

The Worcestershire Ambassadors’ objective is to promote all the positives about living and working in this county, linking organisations together and developing the social and economic prosperity of the county.  A group of influential individuals who care passionately about the future health and prosperity of the county, the Ambassadors share a commitment to creating a county to be proud of. 

Kevin Powell was unanimously voted into the post by the Board earlier this month.  Kevin, from Stourport, has been a Worcestershire Ambassador since 2007 and was invited to became a director of the Ambassadors in 2011.  At that time Kevin was also the National Vice Chair of the Police Federation Inspectors board and National Lead on equality and diversity for its 134000 members in England and Wales.

Ambassadors’ Chair Phil Dutton says: “” As a membership we are working hard to help bring Worcestershire businesses and organisations together.  Kevin is passionate about Worcestershire and is committed to working pro-actively to make the county a better place to visit, live and work in.  He is especially passionate about supporting and developing links to our sporting achievements within the county, from schools’ level upwards.   I am also delighted have someone representing the public sector in this role.”

Kevin adds: “When I became a Worcestershire Ambassador in 2007 it was because I wanted to put something back into the county where I have lived and worked the majority of my life, raising my children here and now am seeing my grandchildren enjoy its benefits. I still live in the family home in Stourport with my wife Suzy: we both love the area and are involved in various community organisations and clubs.  I was delighted when my colleagues on the board elected me as Ambassadors’ Vice Chair.   I look forward to working with Phil and the Ambassadors’ board and membership in evolving our organisation to ensure we continue to have a positive influence on making Worcestershire a place where people want to continue to live, work and play.”

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