We have been able to weather the storm of Covid-19 better than most, we could argue that #WorcestershireHour was ‘readymade’ for such a crisis! We operate a 7 days per week, 365 (356 this year) day a year service for the benefit of all Worcestershire businesses, charities & communities that wish to get involved.

#WorcestershireHour™️ has always been free to use for 99.9% of users thanks to a small number of brilliant businesses that support us commercially. Sponsorship revenue on its own however, does not cover all our costs. Due to Covid-19 we have struggled to gain new sponsors but fortunately have lost only one.

The income we raise through the Worcestershire Festival of Business each year is usually the difference between us breaking even or not. Given the current Government guidelines banning business exhibitions, it may not be possible for us to run the event this year. We are still hoping to do so but the situation is beyond our control. We therefore need to raise additional income streams to allow us to continue the work that we do.

We have two initiatives to raise vital revenues:

The first is to ask individuals and businesses that do Social Media Marketing/Management who use #WorcestershireHour for/on behalf of paying clients, to pay a small monthly fee.  If this applies to you then please see our separate post HERE

The second initiative is to ask for YOUR help. We are sure you are familiar with the adverts on the TV highlighting the plight of an unending array of very worthy causes. We are not suggesting for one minute that we are more important than mistreated animals or children living in horrible conditions. But we are asking for your help in a similar way. Could you become a #WorcestershireHour benefactor and donate either £2 or £5 per MONTH to support the work we do for our LOCAL businesses, charities and communities?

Please be assured that whether you can help or not, it will not impact on your use of #WorcestershireHour – If you do become a benefactor you can choose to be listed on our website (or remain anonymous).

To donate £2 per month click HERE

To donate £5 per month click HERE

Thank you for reading.

Stuart Allen, #WorcestershireHour Founder

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